hannibal: rome vs carthage

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  9-12    13-15      

       Hunt     Valley

Karsten Engelmann, MD

1998 Champion
2nd: Jung Yueh, MA
3rd: Sean McKenzie, NY
4th: Dan Metzger Jr, PA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    Thomas Drueding      58
1997    James Doughan      52
1998    Karsten Engelmann      52
AREA Ratings
1    Michael Welker      1572
2    Joseph DiCamillo      1535
3    James Fox      1465
4    James Doughan      1465
5    Charles Menk      1463
6    None      -
7    None      -
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Investing for the truly nervous ...

The 1999 Hannibal tournament remains a swiss continuous format of six rounds with players free to drop in and out as they please. However, playing in less than six rounds will decrease chances of winning the event. Players bid 0 to 4 PC markers for choice of side. The high bidder gets choice of side and removes the bid PC markers from his normal setup. The low bidder may then place those PC markers as desired. This year Carthage can transport one CU with a general and obtain a -1 drm on the Naval table. Many players have requested this as a play balance feature. However, be warned that Carthage won 58% of the games last year without this capability. We will at least be able to see how this effects the statistics. This year, we are searching for creative awards that
recognize a "best" Carthage and a "best" Rome player. We'll also take your votes on "outlandish" happenings that really turned the game into a rout or a major loss for a player. This is still in the works, so feel free to offer ideas. We may try to offer a "most improved player" recognition. We welcome your thoughts as well as any "contributions" you would like to make toward
these "special awards."

 GM      Mike Welker  [2nd Year]   332 Reserve Ave., Steubenville, OH 43952
    mwelker@franuniv.edu   NA

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