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Viva la revoltion ...

Welcome fellow plotters. Come scarf up Millions of Pesos wrung from the groaning labor of stupid gringo taxpayers. Place this moolah in the hands of good custodians (the Swiss) for the Strong (that's us). Good Posture is obligatory and macho, as in manly but with style. This will console you if you lose, which is likely considering the odds. There is no point in being good and last. Wheel and deal, launch coups, assassinate fellow players, march from the barracks, etc. etc. Above all, negotiate with style, whether it be bombast or bombs.

We will be playing the West End edition of JUNTA. Grognards, like me, who have the 1st edition, need to know that there are some real differences between the editions. You can purchase a West End edition from Decision Games (where I got mine) or other vendors. In the qualifying round, we will have as many large (6-7 player) games as possible. Advancing to the final round will be based on ordinals (all 1st place finishers will advance before any 2nds, etc.). Among players of the same ordinal or rank, going to the final will be based on highest % of money in Swiss Bank. If all boards do not have the same # of players an adjustment will be made. A complete money deck includes 45 $1, 36 $2, and 15 $3 bills. Note that if more than 49 players join the first round, weak 1st place finishers will not advance. THUS, GO FOR THE SWAG; MORE IS MORE!

 GM      Charles Hickok  [1st Year]   250 Hidden Valley Lane, Harrisburg, PA 17112
    cnh3@concentric.net    NA

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