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War by another name ...

Krieg!, or now Totaler Krieg!, is a different kind of strategic WWII in Europe game. Featuring fairly simple core wargame mechanics, anyone with The Russian Campaign under their belt can easily master Totaler Krieg! very quickly. Consequently, this game has proven highly accessible. But accessibility is one thing, fun is another. While the good time, rock 'n roll panzer-pusher mechanics star on center stage, that stage is illuminated by the elegant surrounding abstractions that keep the focus on fighting and winning your campaigns. Naval, air, and amphibious operations are extremely neat, quick, and clean. Politics and economics are handled by the quarterly selection of the critically acclaimed Strategic Option cards included in the
game. These cards (Dyle Plan, Baltic Settlement, Festung Europa, etc.) add a focusing element on the highest levels of policy and strategy without bogging down the game in a myriad of political and economic rules.

Included with the game, and what we'll be using here, is a complete tournament game system. A full day of playing three qualifying scenarios will see the high score earners play in the next day's final game. The tournament qualifier "mini-games" are kitchen tested player puzzles and each is a fascinating scenario in its own right.

If you'd like to learn more about Totaler Krieg!, there are two things you can do. The first (and best) way to learn more about it is to catch someone here who has a copy and ask to see it. At the back of the Reference Book you'll find an article called "The Designer's Deepest Secrets." As you look that over, you'll quickly discover if this is a game for you or not. The other way is to check out the game's comprehensive web site at []. There you will find the El
Dorado of game support for a single game brought to you by an established following of players who would greatly enjoy enlisting you into their ranks.

If you can remember the good old days before rules lawyering became the "state of the art" in the hobby, you'll enjoy Totaler Krieg! It's like the games we used to play -- fun, fascinating, and easy to get into. Come by and see us playing at the show.

- Alan Emrich

 GM      Alan Emrich  [1st Year]    3046 Signature Blvd #B, Ann Arbor, MI 48103   (734) 747-6246

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