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Chris Geggus, UK

1998 Champion
2nd: Peter Stein, NY
3rd: Jason O'Donnell, OH
4th: Marc Houde, DC
Event History
1991    Jim Fuqua      25
1992    Sean Cousins      20
1993    Jim Fuqua      49
1994    Caleb Cousins      42
1995    Sean Cousins      36
1996    Sean Cousins      20
1997    Tracy Graf      46
1998    Chris Geggus      46
AREA Ratings
1    Todd Giles      1546
2    Tim Greene      1512
3    Scott Moshier      1509
4    Bobby Johnson      1505
5    Daniel Case      1493
6    David Large      1472
7    Cori Dukes      1463
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Laughing at the Cold War ...

KREMLIN is one of the more underrated games around. Many look at the board and walk away. However, in the four years that I've been GMing it, not only have most of the beginners had a good time, but many come back the following year. Why play KREMLIN?


10. How many games do you get to play with characters named Shootemdedsky, Eatstumuch and Krakemheads?
9. Perfect your fake Russian accent without people looking at you funny.
8. Attention non-wargamers- No hexes!!
7. Make crucial decisions such as, "Do I stay at my job and take a chance on getting sick and dying, or do I go on vacation and have my 'friends' give me a one-way ticket to Siberia?"
6. More double-dealing and backstabbing than a game of Diplomacy! (Well, maybe. . .)
5. One of the few games that if you're patient, you can learn and win in the same day.
4. No democracy here- you're guilty until voted innocent. Proof has nothing to do with it.
3. Doctor Death Health die rolls!!
2. Relive the old days when the announcement that the Party Chief had a cold meant he had at least one foot in the grave.
1. FUN!!!

The way to victory in KREMLIN is to control the Politburo - in particular the Party Chief. There are various strategies to accomplish this, several of which are perfect for beginners. One of the best is to just bide your time and observe. This gives an opportunity for new players to get a feel for the game process, and hopefully give them a chance to do something as the game progresses. Another reason why this is a good game for beginners is that no matter how powerful a player may seem, a couple of rolls on the health chart, a well played card or two, or maybe an unexpected change of power on a character the player thought he controlled, and everybody ís back in the game. So if you're wandering around Wednesday night, or you lost that first heat game on Thursday, why not come to the KREMLIN tournament? Bring a sense of humor, and don't let that goofy board scare you. The first and third heats will run special beginners games with teaching sessions in the preceding hour.

 GM      Peter Stein  [5th Year]   199-30 28th Ave., Flushing, NY 11358   (NA)

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