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David Metzger, PA

1998 Champion
2nd: Chris Janiec, PA
3rd: Cliff Hansen, VA
4th: Mark Jacobsen, TX
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    Cliff Hansen      20
1994    David Metzger      22
1995    Steve Chilcote      20
1996    David Chilcote      26
1997    Andy Lewis      20
1998    David Metzger      16
AREA Ratings
1    Steven Chilcote      1570
2    Charles Hamm      1568
3    Jeff Lange II      1500
4    Chris Sasso      1467
5    David Chilcote      1465
6    Stephen Munchak      1465
7    Eris Stranger      1465
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Diving out of the sun ...

The Mustangs tournament uses the basic game rules plus the optionals for ammunition limits, hit types and effects, head-on firing speed limits and breaking contact. The format for the contest is three preliminary rounds of Axis aircraft vs. Allied aircraft, with the top two players from each side advancing to the semi-finals. Players must remain either Axis or Allied through all three preliminary matches, and the semi-finalists are selected on the basis of their won-loss-draw record, with damage points inflicted being the first tie breaker. Players score two points for each hit on an opposing aircraft (but not to total more than the aircraft is valued) and the printed aircraft value for destroying the aircraft. To receive a win, players must defeat their opponent by more than two points; point differences of two or less are counted as draws and draws are worth half as much as a win.

Aircraft match-ups have not been finalized yet - Last year, Round 1 pitted two Allied F4U-1A Corsairs against a pair of Axis N1K1-Jb Georges with two Allied victories (by scores of 17-6 and 17-14), four Axis victories (by scores of 18-2, 6-2, 6-0 and 14-6) and two draws (with scores of 4-4 and 10-8). Round 2 had Allied P-38L Lightnings fly against FW-190A8s. Again there were two Allied victories (by scores of 24-4 and 12-8), four Axis victories (by scores of 8-0, 26-0, 10-4 and 26-0) and two draws (4-2 and 8-6). Round 3 matched P-51D Mustangs against FW-190D9s. The Allies finally came out on top with four victories (15-6, 13-10, 26-0 and 26-0) vs. three Axis victories (17-8, 13-0, 17-2) and one draw (2-2).

From the Allied side, Mark Jacobsen (one win and two draws, 44 pts for,14 pts against) and Dave Metzger (two wins, one loss, 52 pts for, 10 pts against) advanced to the semi-finals. Both Mark and Dave beat out Tim Evinger (2-1-0, 30 pts for, 50 pts against) on a tie-breaker. The Axis winners were Cliff Hansen (3-0-0, 31 for, 10 against) and Chris Janiec (3-0-0, 57 for, 8 against); Lee Presser just missed making the semi-finals with a 2-0-1 record. In the next round, Cliff Hansen (with two N1K1 Georges) fought Dave Metzger (two P-47D Thunderbolts) with Dave winning. The other semi-final, saw Chris Janiec (P-47D Thunderbolts) defeat Mark Jacobsen (Georges). In the finals Dave Metzger (Georges) defeated Chris Janiec (Thunderbolts)

After the three heats, everyone is invited to participate in the fourth annual Mustangs Furball. In this contest, all players fly an aircraft on a single board. Each player picks an aircraft of his choice and sets up on the outer ring of the playing board, facing inward. Everyone else is the enemy in this target rich environment. The game is played as in the normal two player version with the exception that each player has an identifying chit placed in a cup; the chit is used to determine the player sequence for performing an action. When a player's chit is drawn, that player plots his move or fires weapons. Special prizes are presented to the Furball victors and losers.

 GM      Stephen Munchak  [5th Year]   13535 Union Village Circle, Clifton, VA 20124   (703) 266-0879

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