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Meeting your Waterloo ...

Special thanks to Michael J. Grace and Robert L. Mitchell III for information previously published in Moves magazine that was the inspiration for these rules. NLB rules are in effect except as noted below:

1. Calvary - If starting in an EZOC at beginning of movement phase, may exit NON-Cavalry ZOC by expending 1/2 of MA + terrain entered. Cavalry may execute this movement from 1 ZOC to another only if not in an enemy Cavalry ZOC during this move. NON-Cavalry units may not exit enemy ZOC's except through combat.

2. Combat - Calvary involved in an combat that forces a retreat on a opposing enemy hex is subject to automatic "Cavalry Idiocy rule which regulates advance.

A. Cavalry Idiocy rule - Roll die - 1 or 2 equals NO ADVANCE, 3 or 4 Choice to advance any unit, 5 or 6 MUST advance CAV. ADD 1 for Brit CAV and SUB 1 for Prussian CAV involved in combat.

3. Artillery -
A. 3 hex range vice 2.
B. Double combat value vs NON CAV adjacent - Loss in stack MUST come from INF.
C. Normal values at two-hex range.
D. 1/2 vs any target at three-hex range.
E. MAY NOT Advance as result of combat.
F. ART is eliminated if not stacked with infantry and forced to retreat by CAV in attack.

4. STACKING - ONLY one UNIT in Towns and Chateaux.

5. TOWNS -

A. INF doubled on Defense.
B. CAV and ART treat as CLEAR for Defense.
C. CAV may NOT attack into town or Chateaux.
D. ART attacks into town at 1/2.


A. ONLY INF may occupy.
B. INF defends X3
C. Not required to attack out.
D. Defender only affected by DE and EX.
E. DR results converted to AR.

7. STREAM - ALL INF and CAV attack 1/2 across stream.

8. Combined arms rule is mandatory.

9. AUTO VICTORY RULE is in effect in folios. In the event of AUTO victory, objective hexes are counted for the victor till the end of the scenario turn limit. i.e. if Allies get French demoralization on the French on turn 2, they get the one VP for Quatre Bras for all remaining turns in the Quatre Bras scenario.

10. ORDER OF PLAY: Each player will give side preference, or no preference. If not an even mix, a random draw will be held to even the side ratio. Those players that by draw are directed to play a non-preference side, will get first tie break. There will be three games in the first round. Players will play the same side throughout the tournament. In the first round we will play - Quatre Bras, Wavre, and Ligny. After each game, a record will be kept of Victory points scored and victory points allowed. The top four scores for each side will move to round 2. Ties will be broken based on: 1. Total points scored; 2. Directed Side; 3. Margin vs opponent, (+ or -); 4. Points allowed; 5. Number of Auto victories, (+ or -) and finally by die roll.

Round 2 will be Quatre Bras. Two players of each side will advance. Ties will be broken by above formulas. Round 3 will be Wavre. One player from each side will face off in the Ligny/Quatra Bras combined special scenario with the winner of that game declared the Tournament winner.

 GM      Jeffery F. Lange  [1st Year]    837 Riverside Drive, Pasadena, MD. 21122    (410) 360-3133

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