naval war

   13-16   17-20     

    Maryland III

Dan Schulman, MD

1998 Champion
2nd: Phil Thomas, MD
3rd: Debbie Otto, MO
4th: Peter Busch, OH
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    Kenneth Shunk      30
1993    James Endness      18
1994    Jim Fleckenstein      30
1995    Greg Mayer      49
1996    Michael Hart      24
1997    Lauren Hickok      47
1998    Dan Schulman      32
AREA Ratings
1    Philip Petroski      1717
2    Chris Covington      1716
3    William Todd      1706
4    Danny Schulman      1618
5    Guy Todd      1615
6    David Large      1614
7    Mark Brewer      1576
8    Lauren Hickok      1570
9    Bobby Johnson      1566
10    Stephen Scott      1563

You sank my battleship ...

This year Naval War enters it's eighth year as a Championship Tournament. With fields topping 32 in most years, players have been able to have a lot of fun, and the tournament has been able to award prizes to all players who make the final. That's a great tournament.

For 1999, GM John Sharp will be looking for a few good Admirals to compete. This tournament, run in one session scheduled before most of the grueling marathons get started, lets you play a fun game and enjoy yourself. Attracting both regulars, some of whom have made the tournament seven years running, and new players, Naval War offers a challenge to all. Nothing levels the playing sea like a destroyer card flung like a challenge into the middle of the table. Players need to watch their opponents' scores at all times. Even the tactic of hammering the leader after each hand doesn't always prevent a runaway victory. Remember: the quiet player sinking ships one at a time can steadily build up a winning score. The final, each year, gets tougher and tougher. Increasingly competent play, coupled with clever strategy and enough teamwork to cripple early leaders, makes the Naval War final round a difficult but rewarding win for the final champion.

Unlike previous years, the GM will be looking for two assistant gamemasters for 1999. John would like to GM another title next year, and doesn't want Naval War abandoned. He will be looking for someone to take over Naval War for the World Boardgaming Championships in 2000. If you are interested in either becoming an assistant or becoming Naval War Chief of Naval Operations, please drop John a note or e-mail.

 GM      John Sharp  [8th Year]   4701 Hamlets Grove Drive, Sarasota, FL 34235   (941) 359-3991

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