princess ryan's star marines

   9-11   12-14 


James Stevens, GA

1998 Champion
2nd: Brian Kirchner, KY
3rd: Paul Bolduc, FL
4th: Philip Chilcote, NC
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    John Ellsworth      36
1998    James Stevens      28
AREA Ratings
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In a distant galaxy, far, far away ...

Join the few, the proud, the hopelessly outclassed -- Princess Ryan's Star Marines! Tired of sci-fi games where everybody has the body of Schwarznegger, the brains of McGiver, the savvy of Bond and dresses like a '57 Buick with lasers (and fins?) Then join up with Princess Ryan's Star Marines, a group of third-rate auxilliaries from a backwater planet (Earth) who, armed with
war surplus equipment are about to attempt to rescue a young princess from the clutches of the evil (or at least improperly motivated) Black Guards!

As a marine you are part of a cooperative team of up to five players who will fight side by side against the dastardly and crafty -- but lonely -- Black Guard player. As marines you will venture forward through an ever-changing map filled with minefields, fire bases, jungles of death and -- shudder -- Interstellar Shopping Malls and Theme Parks. Fight against time and the varying array of usually superior guards to reach the Royal Suite for that last battle, if you can. As you advance shoulder to shoulder, however, remember to look behind you -- for although all five marine players have to cooperate to make it to the end, only one
can win the glory (and the game).

A game routinely ends in about two hours. Play is fast, furious and fun -- and there are no dice. The game is very easy to learn. The juniors and non-juniors play by the same rules. The Juniors play on Saturday at 9 in a different tournament only to give the adults a fighting chance.

 GM      Mark McLaughlin  [3rd Year]   280 N. Elm St., Canaan, CT 06018   (860) 824-4774

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