pax britannica

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Mark Franceshini, MD

1998 Champion
2nd: Chris Carey, MD
3rd: Ed Rothenheber, MD
4th: Kevin Berry, PA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    Franklin Haskall      12
1994    Franklin Haskall      16
1995    Richard Curtin      14
1996    Eric Olin      22
1997    Ben Foy      12
1998    Mark Franceshini      19
AREA Ratings
1    None      -
2    None      -
3    None      -
4    None      -
5    None      -
6    None      -
7    None      -
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Empire deja vu ...

The game is duplicate Pax Britannica using the improved 1993 (Costikyan - Sacks) rules. Significant changes involve Codominion value reduction, Chinese Resentment, VP divisors (Russia and Italy are 2.5, Belgium is 1.5), Ottoman expansion,
Surrender out of supply, and losing a war by running home. The rules will be handed out to players who have not received
them and can be obtained in advance from the GM for a SASE. Alternatively, acomplete set of the revised rules can be found at In addition, a teaching game is scheduled to be run Friday at 9 AM just before this one round tournament takes place.

Since the game is DUPLICATE, the players do NOT roll dice. All random events have been determined in advance. And
this year ...

1880: five random events: Unrest in Transvaal, Afghanistan, Orange River Free State, and Argentina; German Colonial
Agitation. Colonial Office Rolls: AH-1; GB-3; F-2; US-5. Minor Power activity: Portugal-Brasil; Italy-Somalia; Russia-
Greece, Bulgaria.

 GM      Robert Sacks  [7th Year]   4861 Broadway 5-V, NY, NY 10034-3139    (212) 942-3572

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