rail baron

   14-18     10-14     16-21   

   Salon A     Valley    Salon B   Belmont

Heikki Thoen, PQ

1999 Champion
2nd: Charles Davis, WV
3rd: Donna Balkan, ON
4th: Brian Conlon, MD
5th: DeeAnn Gehring, TX
6th: Paul Van Bloem, MD
Event History
1991    Chuck Foster      28
1992    Kevin Quirk      29
1993    Kevin Quirk      38
1994    Bill Fellin      37
1995    Heikki Thoen      63
1996    Heikki Thoen      46
1997    Kimberly Lemmons      94
1998    Eyal Mozes      100
1999    Heikki Thoen      58
AREA Ratings
1    Bill Crenshaw      1701
2    Chuck Foster      1675
3    Heikki Thoen      1666
4    Eyal Mozes      1598
5    Alice Trumblee      1584
6    Thomas Dunning      1581
7    Steve Okonski      1575
8    Jim Fry      1571
9    Stanley Buck      1569
10    Mark Hunter      1566

Riding the rails ...

For years, RAIL BARON has been one of the most popular convention games. It's no wonder: who can skip the thrill of becoming a Baron (or Baroness!) for a few hours to ruthlessly purchase railroads, monopolize areas of the map, assemble the best railroad network, and race home to win. Of course, all your opponents are simultaneously trying to do the same, and will stop at nothing to grab the last of the 28 historic US railroads in the game.

This year we are going to reduce the duration of the first round games by: 1) limiting games to four players (when feasible), and 2) changing the purchase price of a SuperChief to $0. That's right: the SuperChief is free, but will require you to consume a purchase opportunity to acquire it. Playtests indicate this will reduce the game's duration to about three hours. However, these special rules will not be used in the semi-final or final rounds.

There will be three first round heats; you can play in any or all, and beginners are welcome (the game is easily learned). The top 30 first-round players will advance to the semi-final round. In the semi-final, six five-player games are planned. The semi-final winners will advance to the tough six-player final. Thus, to be crowned RBN champion, you will need to win a four-, five- and six-player game.

Internet users can find more information about this and past RBN tournaments at http://www.insystem.com/rbp/wbcrbn.htm. There you will also find an illustrated history of the game, plus a shareware computer version that you can practice against. Please join us and ride the rails to victory! And, if you have ideas on how to make the year 2000 competition even better, please contact the GM.

 GM      Steve Okonski  [1st Year]   P. O. Box 477, Fulton, MD 20759
    intersys@insystem.com   NA

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