rommel in the desert

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Blocks in the sand ...

ROMMEL IN THE DESERT is a unique, highly playable game of the War in North Africa 1940-1942. The game uses upright wooden blocks to hide the strength and type of the individual units. The system limits the players' control over events by requiring expenditure of supply points (cards) in order to engage in offensive action. Morale, leadership, airpower, seapower and even combat are greatly abstracted and simplified as compared to more complex games on this theatre; rather, the focus of the game is the management of the army by using bluff and deception to threaten the opponent's supply line while guarding your own. The disposition of a unit can be of far greater importance than its actual combat strength.

Each player will play four games, starting Friday evening and finishing Saturday. Players earn Tournament points based on the magnitude of victory - or lose them based upon extent of their defeat! The scenario played will be Hard Summer (sorry - no Malta units!), with each player bidding a number of buildup points to give to the opponent in order to play the side of their
choice. This will ensure play balance should players feel the scenario is inherently unfair to one side. At the start of the game, each player will be guaranteed a minimum number of real supply units - after that, their fates lie with the cards! After the tournament, players can help to evaluate play-balance in scenarios which may be used in the future and thus contribute to
future success of the tournament.

 GM      Stuart Hendrickson  [1st Year]   610 South Fayette St, Alexandria, VA 22314   (703) 549-5960 for tournament info only, please!

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