rise of the luftwaffe

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Down in flames ...

Life is good in the RAF ... flash treatment ... girls ... and new gull-winged Spitfire glistening with early morning dew. Much better than the infantry ... bloody awful job, that. Just look at Dunkirk! But your reverie is cut short as the airfield's siren screams for your attention, and you and your mates dash off to your birds which in moments are racing skywards. From high altitude, you scan the skies below you and quickly notice the sunlit gleam of enemy canopies. Ah ha! It's a flock of those wretched Me-110s. You had a bit of trouble with them a couple of fortnights ago when one of those blasted rear gunners took out your wingman and almost sent you and your Hurricane into the channel. Well not this time my old son! As you tip your nose down for your first and only pass, the fuselage of your Spitfire shudders with the impact of enemy fire. An element of enemy fighters streak past, which from your intelligence training you recognize as Me-109s. Instinct takes over and you dive to gain energy and quickly roll out of harms way. You've shaken Jerry, but he's not through with you yet. As he closes, you manage to roll away from the deadly tracer fire coming from his heavy armament, but unless you can get out from in front of his guns, you're through! Your only chance is a bold one which may work if your craft's airframe is up to it. You heave your stick left and right, bucking your craft into a scissor maneuver which reverses your positions. Take that Jerry! Two bursts rip out of your guns into the 109, which begins to bleed a trail of oily smoke. You look up briefly and spy your new wingman smiling and giving you thumbs-up, before his bird explodes into a ball of flame. Another Jerry emerges from the sun, having just blasted his fuel tank, and races off toward another target. Just a quick prayer to be said, and then back to business. If not, you too might go down in flames ...

RISE OF THE LUFTWEAFFE is GMT's fast-playing WWII air combat game, and first of the Down in Flames series. It is a non-collectible card game where players face off during the early phase of the war in aircraft rated for endurance, maneuverability, power, and the skill of the individual pilots who flew them. The game system covers simple dogfights to full campaigns using bombers, flak, strafing and a multitude of other elegant mechanics which simulate the early war over Europe.

For the purposes of the tournament, only the RLW rules will be used (as amended or clarified by Eighth Air Force). We don't
want to penalize those players who have not yet purchased the first expansion set.

 GM      Michael Nagel  [1st Year]   25 Tottusal Dr, Burlington Township, NJ 08016
    mpnagel@net-gate.com   (609) 239-6890

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