republic of rome


   Maryland III    Valley

Charles Dunn, VA

1998 Champion
2nd: John Keating, IL
3rd: William Romanicki, MA
4th: James Garzillo, NY
Event History
1991    Jim Doughan      20
1992    Robert Rudolph      23
1993    Sean Finnerty      23
1994    Chris Greenfield      25
1995    Michael Ehlers      37
1996    Michael Ehlers      41
1997    Chris Bartiromo      27
1998    Charles Dunn      32
AREA Ratings
1    Warren Day      1569
2    Ben Winkler      1474
3    Jed Winkler      1474
4    Rod Prast      1474
5    None      -
6    None      -
7    None      -
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Et tu Brutus? ...

Republic of Rome is an exciting multiplayer game of negotiation and wheeling-and-dealing. Each player controls a faction of Roman senators in an attempt to earn power via political influence or outright conquest of Rome itself. Beginners are very welcome. The GM will be present throughout the tournament to help as well as answer questions. Also, feel free to contact the GM to schedule a tutorial. Two special professionally framed prizes will be given by the GM for sportsmanship and/or superlative play. You just have to see these custom prizes! The GM will bring one to each Heat.

Tournament Rules:
The players of each game will be assigned randomly. If notified, the GM will attempt to separate friends or family. Team Tournament members may not play in the same game.
Games should be 5-6 hours long, counting set-up and clean-up. Players who know they have to leave should notify the GM before the game starts, or as soon as this is known.
Stalling is not allowed.
All players will be ranked by a percentage score for their best game. This score is individual score divided by total score for all players in that game. Ties will be resolved by comparison of raw score. Game winners will be ranked first using this procedure, and then all other players. There will be a maximum of six finalists (this is a change from last year).

 GM      Will Wible  [3rd Year] Best GM Award   3994 Water Oak Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452   (757) 664-2139

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