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AFL-CIO it ain't ...

It's a slow day at the widget factory, so the central race computer has prepared a RoboRally tournament for the factory computers. You can be one of those computers. Navigate your robot across conveyor belts over gears, and past pushers in your effort to be the first to touch all the checkpoints. But watch out for the other robots, not only are they trying to beat you to the checkpoints, but they might even try to push you off course. And don't forget the lasers mounted throughout the factory, and on each of the other robots too. Easy to learn, hard to master. Beginners welcome.

The tournament is scheduled for Friday, so you only need to take one day off work to be there. Since this is the first time RoboRally will appear at the convention, it's going to be single elimination this year. If response is good, and based on player feedback, we may move to a multi-heat format in the future. Be sure to tell the GM or one of his assistants, Rich Shipley or Mike Mahady, your preference. For those who fear slow players, the register programming phase will be limited to two minutes, and games to Three hours. The first round will feature the original set only, with expansions to be added to later rounds at the discretion of the GM or assistant GM's if the GM is in the later rounds.

Advice for beginners: Don't stop for options (unless it gets you closer to the checkpoint), and don't be afraid to shutdown, especially when those registers get locked, but don't over do it, you do have five lives. And remember to update your archive point as often as possible. If you do die, you want to come back as close to the next checkpoint as possible.
Check out the Event link on the WBC site for more info, or write to or call the GM for hardcopy.

 GM      Marc F. Houde  [1st Year]   201 I St SW #623, Washington, DC 20024   (202) 554-3124

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