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1    David Large      1681
2    William Todd      1626
3    Mark Brewer      1565
4    Adam Coleman      1536
5    Alan Epps      1502
6    Gene Barrett      1492
7    Cori Dukes      1491
8    Randy Kinnick      1486
9    Bobby Johnson      1484
10    Scott Moshier      1483

Almost everyone's first wargame ...

The original wargaming classic. Although new to our convention, Keith Levy has GM'd RISK for five years at Prezcon.

Two Swiss Elimination Heats: Two preliminary heats will take place. Both heats are open to any and all players. Six-player games are preferred. Five-player games will be allowed to accomodate total number of entrants. Players with two wins will advance first. If less than six advance, then players with one win and the best scoring record will advance to the final game of six.

1. 1993 RISK Edition Rules will be used. (These are the most recently updated official rules from Parker Brothers.)
2. All games will be World Domination Games (World Conquest).
3. All games must be played to completion; World Conquest by one player. Players may NOT forfeit or concede their position, unless the game involves only two players.
4. Initial placement of armies will take place by one player dealing out the entire deck of Risk cards to all players. Each player will then place one army on each territory listed on each card in their hand. If ALL players at the table agree; the initial
placement of armies may take place by each player in turn, ordered by high to low die roll, strategically choosing one territory per turn.
5. All combat die rolls are simultaneous. If players roll less than the maximum number of dice allowed for combat resolution, they must announce the number of dice being used prior to any dice being thrown.
6. Players will be required to reveal their armies in any given territory when any other player requests the information during their turn. The same applies to the number of cards any player holds in their hand.
7. The official score sheet must be completed in order for the game to count towards tournament play. The official score sheet is used to aid in determining player advancement to the final round in the case of less than six players with two wins.
8. Any player that temporarily leaves the game, must designate another player to roll their defensive die while absent.

 GM      Keith Levy  [1st Year]   9 Augusta Wood Court, Reisterstown, MD 21136
    gamesofmd@aol.com   (410) 833-4395

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