roads to gettysburg

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   Salon C  

Bruno Passacantando, CT

1998 Champion
2nd: Paul Nied, KS
3rd: Ed Beach, MD
4th: Chris Withers, CA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    Ken Lee      23
1996    Paul Tisevich      16
1997    Joe Bellas      24
1998    Bruno Passacantando      21
1    Joseph Bellas      1971
2    Edward Beach      1883
3    Paul Nied      1786
4    Raymond Rooks      1780
5    Bruno Passacantando      1779
6    Mark Booth      1732
7    Chris Withers      1731
8    Forrest Speck      1701
9    Patrick Duffy      1682
10    Ken Lee      1635

Step 3 in the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War ...

This event is one of five linked tournaments using the same game system whose winners and three alternate finalists meet to determine the overall championship. This year I've been persuaded to include in the ROADS TO GETTYSBURG tournament a scenario called Lee's Retreat. This tournament has been hampered in only having two scenarios suitable for play. Lee's Retreat, designed by Chris Withers, is similar to Johnston's Retreat in ON TO RICHMOND! The rebel player has to defend the wagon trains until released, then hope that the infantry can retreat without being cut off. Rain will occur randomly during the first turn, so each game should be slightly different. For more detailed info on the GCACW series check out:

Last year, 21 players journeyed to Avaloncon '98 to strive to become the Roads To Gettysburg champion. The first two rounds featured First Day at Gettysburg. Each player would play the same opponent during the first two rounds, switching sides for round 2. After two rounds there were six undefeated players: Bruno Passacantando, Ed Beach, Jay Meyers, Mark Booth,
Sean Cousins, and Chris Withers. The format of the tournament was such that these players would be pitted against each other. It was imperative to win Round 3, Meade Moves North, because winning round 3 was the first tiebreaker in determining the semifinalists so losing would eliminate them. Bruno, Ed and Chris won to advance to the semis, with Paul Nied (2-1) advancing due to strength of schedule.

Bruno was matched against Chris, while Ed played Paul. The semis featured First Day at Gettysburg. Bruno won out against Chris, while Ed's losses in cavalry retreats were the difference to propel Paul to the finals. The final, Meade Moves North, was played with Bruno taking the Confederates with a bid of six points. This scenario gives the Rebels 15 VP for holding Gettysburg with no Union infantry units adjacent to it, while only giving eight VP if there are Union infantry adjacent. The rebels also get four VP for capturing Harrisburg. Turn 1 (of 4) featured both sides marching toward Gettysburg to be in position for turn 2. Turn 2 featured Hill and Longstreet pushing past Reynolds I Corps to capture Gettysburg, while Ewell continued his assault towards Harrisburg. Turns 3 & 4 featured both sides continuing to maneuver around Gettysburg, with
the Rebs holding the town but unable to force the Yankees from holding ground adjacent to it. The Rebs captured Harrisburg's VP, but that was balanced by the loss of Early's entire division. While marching from York to Gettysburg, Early had been attacked and demoralized by Sickles III Corps, and eliminated by Sedgwick's VI Corps. Turns 3-4 were tense, as successful attacks from either side would swing the game in their favor. Turn 4 came down to the Union needing two VPs for a win, and needing to recapture Gettysburg to do it. The first four corps assault attempts against Gettysburg failed (four 6's in a row!), with the next two unable to force a retreat from the town. Bruno Passacantando was a deserving winner, finishing with a 5-0 record, and having played the toughest schedule of any player.

 GM      Paul Nied  [2nd Year]   14924 W. 124th Terrace, Olathe, KS 66062-5933    (913) 780-4981

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