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Pete Pollard, TN

1998 Champion
2nd: Tim Goff, VA
3rd: Michael Pacheco, CA
4th: Bill Thomson, TX
Event History
1991    Scott Romanowski      12
1992    Jeff Miller      19
1993    Brian Laskey      14
1994    Eric Stranger      15
1995    Kevin Welsh      8
1996    Eric Stranger      10
1997    Kevin Welsh      12
1998    Peter Pollard      17
AREA Ratings
1    None      -
2    None      -
3    None      -
4    None      -
5    None      -
6    None      -
7    None      -
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Ra-ta-tat-tat ... and other assorted combat sound effects optional

Kursk: August 1943. The men were poised at the edge of the street, ready to make the assault. The Russian Lieutenant stood up and made the signal to advance. As the squads ran across the street, German machineguns and rifles opened fire, mowing the men down. The Russians died in the streets, the last hope of taking the village gone with their last breath. What end of the barrel will you be on this year?

This is Squad Leader, a game of WWII tactical combat in Europe. Now you make the instant decisions resulting in life or death of your men, victory or defeat for your army, for you are the Squad Leader. You direct the fire of your squad, select your plan of attack, or set your defenses against massed Russian human wave or armor assaults. Will that hedgerow provide adequate cover for your flanking efforts, or will your men be cut down by the American machinegun position in the woods?
The decision is irrevocable and yours alone. You must live or die by the results.

This Squad Leader tournament provides you with two goals. One is to defeat your enemy in each battle and to be crowned the champion of this year's competition. Each round will consist of three scenarios from which to choose. One player will pick the scenario and the opponent will pick the side.

The second goal is to raise the rank of your Personal Leader Counter (PLC) to the highest possible standing. Each act of daring or cowardice by your PLC will not go unnoticed on this battlefield. Who will have the highest rankest PLC at the end? Will he get there through acts of bravado or by steadily pushing his men to greatness? You will decide.

Tournament Selected Scenarios PLC Benefit

Round One
1. Scenario 1: The Guards Counterattack o+
2. Alan Yngve's Scenario Alpha 1: Forced March o+
3. On All Fronts Scenario 35.1: Russia 1941 oo

Round Two
1. Scenario 2: The Tractor Works o+
2. Alan Yngve's Scenario Beta 2: Hasty Assault o+
3. On All Fronts Scenario 36.1: Stalingrad, 20 Oct 42 +o

Round Three
1. Scenario 7: Buchholz Station oo
2. On All Fronts Scenario 18.3: Marvie oo
3. Bill Thomson's Scenario: Forced Entry oo

Round Four
1. Scenario 10: Hitdorf on the Rhine oo
2. On All Fronts Scenario 48.2: Counterattack oo
3. Scenario 8: Bitche Salient oo

PLC Benefit note: First position is for the Germans and the second position is for the Allies. A "o" means there would be no change if an 8-1 PLC replaces the 8-1 force leader. A "+" means a benefit might occur, i.e. a 8-1 PLC would replace an 8-0 force leader.

 GM      Peter Pollard  [1st Year]   7855 Autumn Hollow Dr. #5, Cordova, TN 38018
    Pete4258@aol.com    (901) 753-4382

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