turning point: stalingrad

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 Hunt Ballroom

Henry Jones, PA

1998 Champion
2nd: Byron Stingley, NC
3rd: Jim Eliason, NY
4th: Chris Bodkin, NY
Event History
1991    Byron Stingley      12
1992    Jim Doughan      17
1993    Tom Johnston      18
1994    Ron Fedin      15
1995    Jim Doughan      16
1996    Byron Stingley      14
1997    Byron Stingley      8
1998    Henry Jones      12
AREA Ratings
1    Byron Stingley      1868
2    Ron Fedin      1715
3    Henry Jones      1680
4    Chris Bodkin      1656
5    Michael Kaye      1582
6    Michael Rinella      1535
7    Jeff Miller      1535
8    Thomas Pavy      1533
9    James Eliason      1530
10    James Penick      1508

Winter on the Volga

Join with other hardy souls to brave the Russian winter on the banks of the mighty Volga river and to do battle for Stalin's city. Like its namesake battle, TPS is a grueling game and a real test of endurance. Rounds are six hours long and it usually takes four to five rounds to win. However, the rules are simple and the game rates a "3" on that scale. It is in the mastery of the game that the true test(s) arise. Declining attendance had relegated TPS to Trial event status in 1998 before being restored to Century level by membership vote. We hope this predicts a return to a full field of 16 for a four-round event in 1999.

To alleviate the situation for beginners and less experienced players, a somewhat unique approach to single elimination formats is used to pair the highest AREA rated players against each other in the opening round. This prevents the "sharks" from feasting on lesser skilled players in the early rounds and it allows new/semi-new players time to sharpen their skills for the later rounds. Something new which will be introduced this year is auction bidding for sides. A one shot written bid system was used in the past with a dice roll in the event of ties and this led to some strange bids. Please let the GM know if you preferred the auction system.

The Germans won 6 of the 10 games played in 1998 and were on the winning side in the final. The common bid for the German side has now reached +2 (eight points) and even some +3 (nine point) bids were made. Records over the eight years of this tournament show that the German player wins approximately 65% of all games played and has won six of the eight

The first round begins on Wednesday in an effort not to clash with BKN - the last game in this impulse series. A further aid to that goal is creative scheduling at the convenience of the finalists for the final rounds. Once again we will be using 3rd edition rules. For those unaware, the 3rd edition rules were never actually published by AH, but certain changes were officially approved by AH and copies of these changes are available from the GM for a SASE.

 GM      Henry Jones [6th year]  117 Loch Shin Dr., Moon Township, PA 15108-9617 
    lochshin@aol.com   (724) 457-0817

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