war at sea

    9-23     9-11       12-14  

  Valley Ballroom

Mike Kaye, CA

1998 Champion
2nd: Matt Romaniecki, MA
3rd: Robert Mull, VA
4th: Tom Scarborough, WI
Event History
1991    Bruce Monnin      20
1992    Tom Scarborough      23
1993    Bruce Monnin      28
1994    Phil Rennert      18
1995    Ray Freeman      33
1996    Steve Packwood      27
1997    Tim Hitchings      33
1998    Mike Kaye      32
AREA Ratings
1    Michael Kaye      1804
2    Stephen Packwood      1765
3    Tim Hitchings      1723
4    Robert Mull      1720
5    Ray Freeman      1718
6    Thomas Scarborough      1708
7    Glenn Petroski      1679
8    Andy Gardner      1674
9    Pat Richardson      1668
10    Vince Meconi      1666

Sink the Bismarck ... or Not

War at Sea is conducted using a Swiss-Elimination format. There are five two-hour preliminary rounds. The first round is seeded by AREA ratings. After the first round, players play others with identical won-lost records. For example, if after three rounds you have won two and lost one, you will play another player with a 2-1 record. Players may drop in and out of preliminary rounds at any time, playing any one round, some rounds, or every round. Of course, players who do so, have a smaller chance of advancing to the semi-finals.

Players bid to choose sides. A win by two POC or more is worth ten points, a win by one POC is worth eight points, a draw is worth five points, and a loss by one POC scores two points. After five rounds, the top four finishers advance to single-elimination semifinals and finals.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will find competition at your level, because after the first round you will always be playing someone with a similar record. Competition is very tight as evidenced by the fact that we have had seven different champions in the last seven years. In fact, Tom Scarborough was the only past champion in the top eight in 1998. Five former champions posted a combined 11-9 mark in 1998.

Play balance has not been an issue with the Allies winning 31 games last year to 30 by the Axis with six ties. In fact, in contrast to the early years when the Axis dominated, more Allied players gave the Axis a POC handicap for their choice of sides, then vice versa. Mike Kaye won in 1998 by going 6-1 with the Allies.

 GM      Vince Meconi [1st Year]   P. O. Box 6346, Wilmington, DE 19804-0946
    VMeconi@aol.com  NA

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