Updated May 29, 2024

Update: WBC 2024 Schedule V1.1 in spreadsheet format
now available on the Spreadsheet Schedule page.

NEW: Auction and Auction Store Submissions no
open. Visit the Auction/Auction Store Overview page
for more information and new 2024 forms.

NEW: Juniors registration added to the Member
Application Form found at Member Application Form.
Registered Juniors Program attendees will receive a
juniors designed shirt and printed badge.

Update: Demo and Seminar Forms have been updated
for WBC 2024 submissions and are due by June 1, 2024.
The forms can be accessed from the WBC Forms page.

NEW: 1Q24 Tenth Seat added to the Tenth Seat pages.

NEW: Shuttle details and schedule posted on the
Transportation and Lodging pages.

Update: Voting for the Board of Directors election ends
June 15, 2024 Visit the BPA Election Ballot page for a
list of the candidates and a link to the electronic ballot.

NEW: Juniors events added to the event page There are
still 2 open slots for Juniors tournaments. Please email
Megan Byrd, Juniors Coordinator, if you would like to
run a GM a Juniors Event.

Update: Registration for WBC closes on June 15, 2024.
After June 15, WBC Admission is only available onsite
at WBC. Visit the Preregistration page to see the current list
of those registered.

Update: One event, Rio Grande Sponsored Game 1930:
The Golden Age of Airlines still needs a GM. Contact the
Convention Director if you can assist WBC in running this

WBC 2024 reservations are open for Condos, and Chalets,
and Hotel with 2 day stay or more. Hotel rooms for stays of
For more information, visit our Lodging page.

UPDATED: Visit the PBeM page for information on the
1 completed and 3 new PBeM tournaments starting May
through August.

WBC 2024 dates are July 20, 2024 to July 28, 2024

Take a virtual tour of Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

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