Egizia (EGZ) PBeM Reports Updated May 23, 2020

2020 PBeM Tournament
  Thirty-eight entrants played four games each in the Preliminary Round of the tournament. WBC GM of Egizia, Andrew Emerick, won all four of his games. There were several triple winners including Jeff Wo, Chris Wildes, Steve LeWinter, and David Vestal.

Nineteen advanced to the Second round, where Steve LeWinter and Jon Senn were at the top with three wins and a second each. GM Rob Flowers ended up at the bottom along with assistant Chris Yaure, leaving Eric Freeman to represent “team GM” in the final round.

In the Final round, the ten remaining players competed for the top six spots. Allan Jiang emerged victorious, with his three wins and a third getting past Eric Freeman’s three wins and a fourth.

In two of Allan’s wins, he only had six total stone production. He scored 6 sphinx cards in one game and had a 16 point margin, in the other he never made his first card (4 in the obelisk), but managed to outbuild Michael Swinson to win by 3. In his third win, he jumped ahead to snag a couple of 2-stone cards in the early rounds, but then went first round 3 and got the 4-stone card, and had a great position with green fields and strong crews. In the last one he was behind by 20-some points, but came just short on a Sphinx card that would have gotten nine more.

Top six finishers were:

  1. Allan Jiang
  2. Eric Freeman
  3. Jon Senn
  4. Michael Swinson
  5. Steve LeWinter
  6. David Vestal

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