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Stone Age (STA) PBeM Event Reports Updated November 8, 2018

2015 PBeM Tournament

31 Gamers took to Yucata for the Third BPA Stone Age PBeM tournament. Unlike it's WBC event, the online version features a different style of play—the two player game. Three gamers, including Stefan Mecay, Rob Kircher, and Tim Mossman went unbeaten to win their pools with identical 6-0 records. Nick Henning earned the high score of the event with a score of 328 against GM Max Jamelli.

Pool play sent 15 of the 31 players into the Round Robin playoff. Seeding was interesting, as 4 "lower" seeds upset their opponents including 15th seed Pete Staab downing 2nd seed Stefan Mecay. Keith Dent and Andrew Emerick outlasted the round robin field to meet in the best 2 out of 3 Final. Emerick won Game 1 and Dent came back to tie the series in Game 2. The deciding game was then won by Dent 264-213. Dent used a strong building strategy while Emerick focused on cards throughout the series. Dent's early success in buildings allowed him to win Game 3 and the championship.

The other laurelists were Curt Collins II, Tim Mossman, Pete Staab and the defending champion, Eric freeman who finished third through sixth respectively.

2012 PBeM Tournament

28 Players took to Yucata for the annual online Stone Age tournament. This year's round robin was seeded differently from that of 2010. Instead of pool records, overall points were used to build the 12-person playoff field after 84 pool games. Stefan Mecay's scoring average of 248 was not the highest, but he was the lone player who won all six pool play games. The highest average score for six pool play games belonged to Scott Fenn. His 264.8 gave him the second seed in the round robin. Eric Freeman and Greg Thatcher earned first round byes based on average score as well. The round robin seeding system worked to a T as there were no seed upsets until the semi-finals when #3 seed Freeman knocked off #2 seed Fenn by a 259 to 252 score. That set up a Final rematch of the 2010-11 event between Freeman and the reigning Caesar, Mecay.

Mecay took game 1 by 14 points. Freeman could have made it a little closer if he were able to complete a building in the last turn, but rolled a Brick/Tool and needed a wood. Freeman fired back in game 2 winning the most lopsided game of the match 253-194. He was able to score early and often in forcing another deciding game 3. The 2010 Final went to three games as well. Game 3 was close throughout, but Freeman drew both double Shaman cards while Mecay had no resources and cruised to a 27-point victory to defend his Stone Age Tournament Championship.

Game 1 Mecay 166 Freeman 152
Game 2 Freeman 253 Mecay 194
Game 3 Freeman 227 Mecay 200

Completing the laurel gathering were Scott Fenn, Greg Thatcher, Chris Yaure and Robert Kircher who finished third through sixth respectively.

2010 PBeM Tournament

The first online Stone Age event featured 23 players broken down into five groups for two-player pool play. Each player had a minimum of three games logged to create a 12-player round robin tournament. Players were seeded based on pool records. There were five players who had perfect pool records. Eric Freeman led with a 4-0 slate, followed by Raphael Lehhrer, Kevin Wojtaszczyk, Greg Thatcher, and Max Jamelli each at 3-0. Tied records were seeded based on the average points scored. Eric's 4-0 record earned him the #1 seed even though Lehrer had the highest points average of 285.

The tournament was not decided by chalk though - only one higher seeded player won an opening round game, and only two of those with first round byes won their way into the semis. The best two-of-three Final match came down to top seed Eric Freeman and sixth seeded Stefan Mecay. Freeman suffered his first loss of the event as Mecay was able to secure cards and buildings late to turn a two-point advantage late into a convincing 253-195 win. Freeman bounced back in Game 2 with a 234-215 victory to force a decisive Game 3. There, Freeman was able to secure several multi-resource huts including a very fortuitous 1-7 hut to outscore Mecay late and earn a hard fought 214-201 victory to claim the title.