2008 WBC Open Gaming
May 26, 2008

Though the emphasis at WBC is on tournaments, we welcome players who take the opportunity to get involved in Open Gaming. (Admission is required for anyone participating in Open Gaming.) There will be significant opportunity and space for Open Gaming. This year Vistas C&D and the Lancaster Room will be available for two-player and multi-player gaming respectively.

In addition, we are taking steps to increase the amount of space devoted to Open Gaming this year. One way is by devoting a small room entirely to "monster" games - i.e., multi-map simulation games that require several tables butted together to form a playing surface.

In the past, this sort of gaming has been controversial because it ties up a lot of table space while often being left unattended for long periods. While we will still require a commitment to play the game daily, this room will be devoted to multi-day sessions and thus the game(s) can be left setup without fear of being moved.

Use of the room will be on a reservation system—first come, first served, so those interested need inquire in advance with a request that includes name of the game, table space needed, time to be used, and number of players committed. The reservation is free to all members. If interested, inquire at doncon99@toad.net.

We offer an Opponents Wanted page in the weeks before the convention. A whiteboard will be located in the Convention Registration area to help coordinate open gaming activities on-site and redirect any overflow to other areas.

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