2009 WBC Open Gaming & BPA Game Library
June 29, 2009

Though the emphasis at WBC is on tournaments, our space dedicated to Open Gaming continues to expand. In 2009, Ballroom A is dedicated to open play on Monday through Wednesday and the Lancaster Showroom thereafter. A whiteboard is located in the Open Gaming Area to help coordinate open gaming activities on-site. Further, in the weeks leading up to the convention, we offer an Opponents Wanted page. NOTE: Admission is required for anyone participating in Open Gaming.

Also new in 2009, BPA members in the WBC Open Gaming Area will have free use of the BPA Game Library for use therein throughout the convention. The library is made possible through the generosity of leading game publishers. Please follow our few courtesy rules to protect this resource for your fellow attendees now and in the future. Violation will cause forfeiture of future lending privileges.

  1. Complete the ENTIRE checkout sheet whenever you check a game IN or OUT. Note the clipboard # you used for check-out to speed check-in.
  2. There is a limit of one game per person at a time. When games are not in use, return them to the library and complete the check-in sheet you originally used to borrow the game.
  3. Library games are NOT to leave the Open Gaming room unless reserved by a GM for his tournament. GMs assume responsibility for returning those games when their events no longer require them.
  4. Return games in the same condition as they were when checked-out, with pieces properly separated and sorted.
  5. The library will be unavailable Sunday so that it can be packed for transport. Return all Library games by midnight Saturday.
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