2013 WBC Orphans—Preliminary Event List
April 15, 2013

WBC 2013 is CLOSED to new events.

WBC is preparing events for the 2013 season. The list below is temporary and only identifies events eligible for inclusion in either the Century or Trial membership ballot based on 2012 performance and 2013 membership vote. Additional Trial events by qualified sponsors and vendors will be considered for addition to the schedule prior to March 15. Note that the times below are requested times and are subject to change and as such are only rough estimates of the form the final schedule will take.

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Century Events

Century: 108 events compose the combined Century & Legacy Group of featured events which are supported by multiple prize levels ranging from two to six plaques and a Centurion shirt based on a formula using the most recent statistics of attendance and player hours. Those 108 slots were pre-determined by 2012 performance and Board vote under the Legacy rules and require only the commitment of a BPA member to GM the event by the March 15, 2013, deadline. Failure of a member GM to submit a suitable event form for the event by the deadline will drop it from eligibility.

All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory Event Form no later than March 15, 2013. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines which were updated in 2008 with several substantial changes. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the final schedule is released.

Events are no longer held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. Events without a GM commitment at this time are OPEN to any current member who submits an acceptable event form.

 Event - Code - Demo Requested Century GM & Requested Start Time-
7 Wonders - 7WS - D: TBD C-1 Nick Ferris; TBD
1830 - 8XX - D: pcSa9 C-2 Pierre LeBoeuf; pcSa10, pcSa17, pcSu10, pcSu17; SF/F: Mo9+
Acquire - ACQ - D: Tu20 C-3 Cliff Ackman; Tu21, WeAM, WePM; SF/F: ThTBD
Advanced Civilization - ACV - C-4 Kevin Youells; We9, Th9; F: Fr9
the Adventurers - AVU - D: TBD C-5 Larry Lingle; We15, Th13, Fr20, Sa9; SF/F: Sa20
Age of Renaissance - AOR - C-6 Theodore Mullally; pcSa18, Tu18, Th18; F: Sa18
Agricola - AGR -  D: We13 C-7 Joshua Cooper; We17, Th19, Fr12; SF/F: Fr17+
Air Baron - ABN - D: Tu18 C-8 Henry Richardson; Tu20, We20, Th20, Fr9; SF: Fr20; F: Sa9
Alhambra - ALH - D: We17 C-9 Debbie Gutermuth; We18, Fr15; SF/F: Fr17+
Amun-Re - AMR - D: Tu20 C-10 Alex Bove; Mo17, We13, Th15; SF: Th19; F: Sa13
Atlantic Storm - ACS - D: We19 C-11 John Coussis; Tu18, We20, Th9, Fr12; SF/F: Fr14+
Attack Sub - ATS - D: TBD L-1 Steven Caler; Su9
Auction - AUC - D: TBD L-2 Bruce Reiff; Tu18, We15+; F: Su9
Automobile - AUT -  D: We9 C-12 Greg Schmittgens; Tu18, We15; SF/F: Fr12
Axis & Allies - A&A - C-13 Joe Powell; pcSa13
B17 - B17 - C-14 David Terry; Th9
Baltimore & Ohio - B&O - D: Tu18, We10, We18 C-15 William Wallace; Tu20, We13, Th13, Th20; SF: Fr13; F: Sa13
Battle Cry - BCY - C-16 Bruce Reiff; Sa9
Battle of the Bulge '81 - B81 - C-17 Frank Sinigaglio; pcSa14+; SF/F: Fr20+
Battles of the American Revolution Series (aka Saratoga) - BAR - D: Th16 C-18 Robert McCracken; Th18, Fr9
Bitter Woods - BWD - C-19 Bruno Sinigaglio; Tu18, We10
Brass - BRS - D: Tu20 C-20 Edward Kendrick; Tu21 We20, Fr9; SF/F: Sa14+
Breakout Normandy - BKN - D: Tu17 C-21 Andrew Cummins; Tu18, We9
Britannia - BRI - D: TBD C-22 James Jordan; TBD
Can't Stop - CNS -  C-23 Rebecca Hebner; We23
Carcassonne - CAR - D: We18 C-24 Jennifer Visocnik; We19, Fr19, Sa11; SF/F: Sa12
Circus Maximus - CMS - D: Th9 C-25 Jake Jacoby: Tu18, Fr9, Sa19; F:Su9
Combat Commander - CBC - D: Tu18 C-26 Bryan Collars; We9
Commands & Colors Ancients - CCA - C-27 Amdy Lewis; Th9
Commands & Colors Napoleonics - CCN - C-28 Daniel Broh-Kahn; We9, We11
Diplomacy - DIP - D: Fr17 C-29 Thomas Haver; Fr19, Sa10, Sa19
Dominant Species - DSP - D: Tu18 C-30 Dave Long; Tu19, We10, Th20; SF: Sa12; F: Sa18
Dominion - DOM -  D: TBD C-31 Nick Ferris; TBD
Dune - DUN - C-32 Brad Johnson; We16, Th9, Fr13; F: Sa10
Egizia - EGZ - D: We16 C-33 Andrew Emerick; We20, Th13; SF: Th15, F: Sa22
El Grande - ELG - D: We17 C-34 Rob Flowers; Tu18, We18, Th9; SF/F: Th13+
Empire Builder - EPB - D: Tu17 C-35 Bob Stribula; Tu18, We9, We13; SF/F: Th9+
Empire of the Sun - EOS - D: Fr9 C-36 Mark Herman; Fr10
Euphrat & Tigris - E&T - D: TBD L-3 Craig Moffitt; TBD
Facts In Five - FI5 - L-4 John Corrado; Sa21
a Few Acres of Snow - FAS - D: Mo11 C-37 Nick Page; pcSu21, Mo12
Football Strategy - FBS - D: We17 L-5 Bert Schoose; Mo16, We18; F: Fr20
For the People - FTP - D: Th9 C-38 Mark Herman; Th10
Formula De - FDE - C-39 Josh Githens; Mo19, We11, Th18; F: Th21
Formula Motor Racing - FMR - D: We15 C-40 Chris LeFevre; Tu20, We16, Th9; SF/F: Th12+
Gangsters - GSR - D: Tu21 C-41 John Pack; Mo21, Tu22, Th23, Fr17; SF/F: Fr20+
Gettysburg - GBG - C-42 Vince Meconi; pcSa14+; SF/F: Sa9+
Hammer of the Scots - HOS - D: Tu20 C-43 Randall Macinnis; We9
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage - HRC - C-44 Stuart Tucker; pcSu9
Here I Stand - HIS - D: Tu15, Th15 C-45 Jeff Burdett; Tu19, Th18; SF: Fr9, F: Sa9
History of the World - HWD - D: We17 C-46 Craig Yope; Tu18, We18; SF: Th18; F: Sa15
a House Divided - AHD - D: TBD C-47 Terry Coleman; Sa11
Ingenious - ING - C-48 Pete Stein; Tu22, We14, Th22, Fr22; SF/F: Su9+
Ivanhoe - IVH - D: Tu22 C-49 Brian Mongold; Tu23, We23, Th23; SF/F: Fr21+
Julius Caesar - JUC - D: TBD C-50 Justin Thompson; Th9
Kremlin - KRM - D: We16 L-6 Steve Cuccaro; We18, Th15, Th19, Fr9; F: Fr13
Labyrinth - LBY - D: TBD C-51 Stephen Aslett; TBD
LeHavre - LHV - D: Tu20 C-52 Kenneth Horan; Tu21, Th15; SF: Th18, F: Fr9
Liar's Dice - LID - C-53 Jason Levine; Fr23
Lost Cities - LST - D: We11 C-54 Ivan Lawson; We13, Th18, Sa17; QF/SF/F: Sa19+
Manoeuvre - MAN -   C-55 Andy Lewis; Mo13
March Madness - MMS - D: TBD L-7 Terry Coleman; Tu19, We9, Th9, Fr9; SF/F: Su9+
Memoir '44 - M44 - D: Th20 C-56 Sam Edelston; Th21, Fr9
Merchant of Venus - MOV - D: Tu18 C-57 Richard Irving; Mo16, We9, Fr13; SF/F: Sa9+
Monsters Menace America - MMA - D: We19, Th18, Sa19 C-58 Mark Love; We20, Th19, Fr17, Sa20; SF/F: Su9+
Napoleonic Wars 5-Player - NW5 - D: We17 C-59 Gareth Williams; Mo19, We19, Th18; SF: Fr18; F: Sa18
Navegador - NVG - D: We21 C-60 Anni Foasberg; Th17, Fr22, Sa13; SF/F: Sa17
Panzerblitz - PZB -  C-61 Rick Northey; pcSa14+; SF/F:Sa9+
Paths of Glory - POG - C-62 Peter Gurneau; pcSa14
Paydirt - PDT - D: TBD C-63 Harry Flawd; We13, Fr13; F: Su9
Pirate's Cove - PRC - D: TBD C-64 Larry Lingle; We9, We18, Th15, Sa15; SF/F: Su9+
Power Grid - PGD - D: Th13 C-65 Anthony Daw; Mo19, Th14, Th22; SF: Sa11; F: Sa22
Princes of Florence - POF - D: We20 C-66 Eric Brosius; We22, Fr15; SF: Fr22, F: Sa22
Ra! - RA! - D: Tu20 C-67 Steve Scott; Mo21, Tu21, Th21, Fr9; SF/F: Fr17
Ra; the Dice Game - RDG - D: TBD C-68 Scott Buckwalter; We19, Th15, Fr11, Sa12; QF/SF/F: Sa15+
Race For the Galaxy - RFG -  D: TBD C-69 Rob Renaud; We9, We10, Fr9, Fr10; SF/'F: Fr20
Rail Baron - RBN - D: TBD C-70 Ron Secunda; We18, Th18, Fr9; SF: Fr16; F: Sa17
Robo Rally - RRY - D: TBD C-71 Marc Houde; TBD
the Russian Campaign - TRC - C-72 Tom Gregorio; pcSa14+
Saint Petersburg - SPG - D: We19 C-73 Norman Rule; We9, Th19, Fr18; SF/F: Sa9+
San Juan - SJN -  D: TBD C-74 Jeff Mullet; TBD
Sekigahara - SKG - D: TBD C-75 Matt Calkins; TBD
Settlers of Catan - SET - D: Fr19 C-76 Joseph Maiz; Sa9+
Slapshot - SLS - C-77 Sean McCulloch; Sa23
Speed Circuit - SCT - D: Th13 C-78 Douglas Schulz; Th15, TBD, TBD; F: Su9
Squad Leader - SQL - D: Th9 C-79 Scott Bramley; pcSa14+; SF/F: Sa9+
Star Wars; Queen's Gambit - QGB - C-80 Buddy Sinigaglio; Tu20, We21, Th21; QF: Fr12+
Stockcar Championship Racing - SCC - D: TBD C-81 Michael Garton; TBD
Stone Age - STA - D: We15 C-82 Peter Staab; Mo19, Th11, Fr11; QF/SF/F:Sa9
Superstar Baseball - SSB - D: TBD C-83 Bill Beckman; Draft Tu19
Through the Ages - AGE - D: TBD C-84 Randy Buehler; pcTBD, Mo10; SF:Mo17; F: Tu10
Thurn & Taxis - T&T - D: Mo14, Tu20 C-85 Andy Latto; Mo15, We11, Th11; SF/F: Fr9+
Ticket To Ride - TTR - D: Th9 C-86 Claire Brosius; Th21, Fr13, Sa15; QF: Su9+
Tigers In the Mist - TIM - D: TBD C-87 Ray Freeman; Tu19
Titan - TTN - D: Tu19 C-88 Bruno Wolff; Tu18, 22; We & Th 10, 14, 18, & 22; SF:Fr10; F: Sa10
Titan The Arena - TTA - D: We9 L-8 Greg Crowe; We17, Th23, Sa14; SF/F: Sa16+
Twilight Struggle - TWS - D: TBD C-89 Geoge Young; Fr9
Union Pacific - UNP -  C-90 Max Jamelli; Mo15
Up Front - UPF - C-91 Jim Burnett; Th9
Vegas Showdown - VSD - D: TBD C-92 Eric Freeman; Mo23, We11, Th9; SF/F: Th21+
Victory in the Pacific - VIP - C-93 Charles Drozd; pcSu9
War At Sea - WAS - C-94 Vince Meconi; Th9
Warriors of God - WOG - D: Mo9 C-95 Bruce Monnin; Mo10
Washington's War - WWR - formerly WTP (We The People) - D: TBD C-96 Marvin Birnbaum; Sa9
Waterloo - WAT -  C-97 Marty Musella; pcSa14+; SF/F: Sa14+
Wellington - WLL - D: Mo11, Tu17 C-98 Patrick Duffy; Mo13, Tu19; SF: We13; F: Th13
Wilderness War - WNW - D: We20 C-99 Keith Wixson; Th9; SF/F: Su9+
World At War - WAW - C-100 Mike Crowe; Mo9

To make a GM Commitment, become a current BPA member of Sustaining level or higher and submit a completed Event Form before March 15, 2013. Century events will be run within two hours of the requested time slot or the GM will be consulted for an acceptable alternate time.


Trial Events

Eligible Continuing Trials: New events or those which failed to make the Century Group by 2012 attendance/GM obligation standards. These events will be added to the Membership ballot during the annual December membership drive and may be voted into Trial status by members casting their votes before 2013. The 25 with the most votes by Jan. 1 are eligible to be run at WBC 2013. Any vacancies in these 25 due to lack of a GM commitment will be filled by BPA based on other Alternate GM commitments on hand by March 15, 2013.

 Trial Events selected by Membership Vote Trial GM - Requested Starting Times
Ace of Aces - AOA - D: TBD CT-1 Doug Porterfield; TBD
Adel Verpflichtet - ADV - CT-2 Tom DeMarco; Fr19
Afrika Korps - AFK - D: Mo17 CT-3 Jon Lockwood; pcSa14+; SF/F: Sa14+
Andean Abyss - AAY - D: TBD CT-4 Joel Tamburo; TBD
Anzio - ANZ - CT-5 Bruno Sinigaglio; pcSa14+; SF/F: Fr17+
Battleline - BAT - D: TBD CT-6 Bruce Reiff; Fr19
Castles of Burgundy - COB - D: We19 CT-7 Barbara Flaxington; We21, Fr9; SF: Fr13; F: Sa16
Elchfest - ELC -D: Tu21 CT-8 Dan Dolan Sr; Tu22
Enemy in Sight - EIS - D: We15 CT-9 Matt Evinger; We16, Fr20, Su9; F: Su12
Galaxy - GXY - D: Mo18, We13 CT-10 Mark Mitchell; Mo19, We14, We22, Th17; SF/F: Fr16+
Goa - GOA - D: Tu17 CT-11 Chris Moffa; Tu18, We15; SF: Th11; F: Sa22
Great Campaigns of ACW - GCA - D: We9 CT-12 Justin Rice; We11
Manifest Destiny - MFD - CT-13 Bill Crenshaw; Tu20, We20; F: Sa20
Medici - MED -   CT-14 Jeff Cornett; Fr19, Fr20; SF/F: Fr21+
Naval War - NVW - D: Sa17 CT-15 James Kramer; Sa18
Pro Golf - PGF  - D: Th22 CT-16 Bruce Monnin; Th23
Puerto Rico - PRO - D: Tu18 CT-17 Richard Shay; Th17, Fr20, Sa9; QF: Sa15; SF/F: Su9+
Santa Fe Rails - SFR -  D: Tu19 CT-18 Rob Kircher; Mo17, Tu20, We20; SF/F: Th9
Settlers of Catan; Cities & Knights - C&K - CT-19 Chris Gnech; We20, Fr15, Sa17; SF/F: Sa19
Tikal - TKL - D: Fr17 CT-20 Daniel Broh-Kahn; Th9, Fr18, Sa11; SF/F: Sa21+
Trans America - TAM - D: Su9 CT-21 Dave Bohnenberger; Su10
Virgin Queen - VGQ - D: TBD CT-22 Ed Beach; TBD
War of the Ring - WOR - CT-23 Kevin Wojtaszczyk; pcSa13, pcSa19
Wooden Ships & Iron Men - WSM -  D: TBD CT-24 Tim Hitchings; pcSa14+; SF/F: Sa19
Yspahan - YSP - D: Sa19 CT-25 Christopher Yaure; Mo23, Sa20; QF: Su9+

Events are no longer held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory event form no later than March 15, 2013. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines which were updated in 2008 with several substantial changes. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the official schedule is released. Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Continuing Trials must be willing to run their events when scheduled by BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

Alternate Trials: Those events that fail in the December Membership Drive vote but were submitted with a completed event form by willing GMs for inclusion on the ballot for consideration of the membership. Alternate events are used as replacements for any qualifying Century or Continuing Trial event which fails to draw a satisfactory GM commitment. Such events are also occasionally selected by sponsors to become eligible. New proposals must be submitted to conventiondirector@boardgamers.org no later than Nov. 30 of each year to be included on that year's membership ballot, although any received by March 15 will be given consideration as replacements for events without a GM commitment. New events may be either events making their first appearance at WBC or returning after an absence.

 Trial Event Proposals on Hand for use as replacements for vacancies GM Commitments
Founding Fathers  Steve Scott
Game of Thrones Jacob Hebner
Guerilla Steve Scott
King of Tokyo Carmen Petruzelli
Mage Knight Board Game, 2 player Michael Pustilnik
Power Grid; First Sparks Jennifer Thomas
Reef Encounter Jeff Finkeldey
Rommel in the Desert James Kramer
Russia Besieged Rob Beyma
Runebound Chris Gnech
Samurai Kevin Shaud
Summoner Wars David Gagne

Vendor/Sponsor Introductory Trials: Each vendor and/or Sponsor may add one new Trial event above and beyond the 25 Continuing Trials ceiling anytime prior to March 15, 2013. Such New Trials will automatically fall into Century or Continuing Trial classifications the following year based on their 2012 performance. These events must be for games which are in print by the March 15 deadline. Publisher must submit a copy of the game at the time of the event submission.

Trial Events by Vendors/Sponsors Vendor Events  Game Master
Amateurs to Arms - ATA - D: TBD VS-1 Kevin McPartland; TBD
Cavemen; Quest for Fire - CQF - D: We21 VS-2 Jennifer Thpmas; We22. Th21, Fr12; SF/F: Fr22
Conflict of Heroes - COH - D: TBD VS-3 Jeffrey Lange: TBD
Conquest of Paradise - CQP - D: Fr14  VS-4 Kevin McPartland; Fr15, Sa9
Copycat - CYC - D: TBD VS-5 Jeremy Billones; TBD
For The Crown - FTC - D: We12 VS-6 Joshua Gottesman; We16
Galaxy Trucker - GXT - D: Tu21  VS-7 David Finberg; We20, Th12; SF: Th16; F: Fr16
Innovation - IOV - D: We17 VS-8 Andy Latto; Th9, Fr13+
Last Will - LWL - D: We15 VS-9 Blair Morgen; We16, Th22, Fr18; SF: Sa16; F: Sa21
Leaping Lemmings - LLM - D: TBD VS-10 Rick Young: Tu18, We10, Fr10, Fr20; SF/F: Sa20+
Kaiser's Pirates - KPR - D: We19, Fr9 VS-11 Tim Rogers; Fr10, Fr13, Fr16; SF: Fr19; F: Sa9
Kingdom of Heaven - KOH - D: TBD  VS-12 Scott de Brestian; TBD
Maria - MAR - D: Mo17 VS-13 Kaarin Engelmann; Mo19, We19; SF: Fr19; F: Sa18
Mr. Madison's War - MMW - D: We9 VS-14 Dave Stiffler; We10
Napoleon - NAP - D: We18  VS-15 Jeff Cornett; TBD, We20
Red Winter - RWR  - D: We18, Th9 VS-16 Philip Yaure; We19, Th10
Sergeants Miniature Game - SGM - D: Tu19, Th18 VS-17 Jeff Billings: We10, Th10, Fr10, Fr18; SF: Sa10; F:Sa20
Small World - SMW - D: Th10 VS-18 Mark Kaufmann; Th15, Fr17, Sa9, Sa13; SF/F: Sa18+
Titan Two -TT2 - D: TBD  VS-19 Rich Atwater; TBD
Twilight Imperium - TWI - VS-20 Michael Buccheri; We9, Th9; F: Fr9
War of the Roses - ROS - D: Tu18, Th19 VS-21 Craig Fox; Tu19, Th20, Fr15; SF: TBD, F: TBD
War Party - WPY - D: TBD VS-22 Larry Bogucki; TBD
White Star Rising - D: Tu18  VS-23 Sean Druelinger; Tu20, We11
Win, Place & Show - WPS - D: Tu22 VS-24 Jim Burnett; Tu23, Fr10, Sa16; F:Sa19

 Juniors Events

Juniors Events: Volunteer GMs are always needed to run free events for children aged 12 & under in the WBC Juniors room. Any game is eligible provided it is suitable for children of that age group and available in sufficient numbers to allow all children present to play. You cannot assme children will bring their own copies of the game. The GM should come prepared to instruct children how to play the game.   A BPA Room Monitor is always present to help maintain order but is not always available to assist children in playing the game. Recruitment of assistants to aid you is strongly advised. Volunteer Assistants are very much needed. To volunteer, contact juniors@boardgamers.org.

Events for Children 12 & under
Junior Events
Game Master & requested Time Slot
Apples to Apples JR-1 Joanna Melton; Sa11
Beep! Beep! JR-2 Crystal Shipley; We9
Blockus JR-3 Daniel Broh-Kahn; Fr9
Circus Maximus JR-4 Sinigaglio Clan; We18
Elchfest JR-5 Scott Sunderlin; Fr11
Fill the Barn JR-6 Charlie Hoops; Th11
Formula Motor Racing JR-7 Laurie Wojtaszczyk; Sa9
Guillotine JR-8 Ray Stakenas; We14
Igloo Pop JR-9 Jason Levine; Th9
Ingenious JR-10 Chris Yaure; We11
Ivanhoe JR-11 Kirk Harris; Fr18
Monsters Menace America JR-12 Mark Love; Sa14
Montgofiere JR-13 John Poniske; Tu9
Naval War JR-14 Jim Krameradult; Tu11
Settlers of Catan JR-15 Tim Mossman; Tu18
Slapshot JR-16 Mark Yoshikowa; Sa19
Ticket to Ride JR-17 Matt Beachadult; Fr14
Titan: The Arena JR-18 Greg Crowe; Tu14
Trains, Planes & Automobiles JR-19 Paul Owen; Th18
TransAmerica JR-20 Ewan McNay; Th14

KEY: Mo = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, We = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday; TBD = To Be Determined (GM conferring to maximize facility use); PC - times listed in red are Pre-Cons which commence the preceding weekend; Mu: Mulligan, QF: Quarter Final, SF: Semi-Final, F: Final; +: Continuous Rounds to conclusion or posted SF or F.

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