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2013 WBC Report  

 2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Daniel Hoffman, NC

2012-13 Champion

Event History
2012    Daniel Hoffman     42
2013    Daniel Hoffman     36


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Daniel Hoffman     NC    13     80
   2.  Ewan McNay         NY    13     24
   3.  Rob Winslow        NY    12     24
   4.  David Metzger      NY    13     16
   5.  Tom Drueding       MA    12     16
   6.  Scott Burns        uk    13     12
   7.  Lyman Moquin       DC    13     12
   8.  Lachlan Salter     on    12     12
   9.  James Pei          VA    12      8
  10.  Graeme Tate        uk    13      4

2013 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists:  

Ewan McNay, NY

David Metzger, NY

Scott Burns, uk

Lyman Moquin, DC

Graeme Tate, uk

Gregory Schmittgens vs Jeff Coyle

Jack Jung vs Greg Stiffler

Bryan Harker vs Pete Pollard

Thomas Lee vs Basem Chbalko

ten & counting ...

Attendance was down after our debut but remained strong with 45 games played. At the end of three rounds ten "honor prizes" were awarded to the players who won their third match (regardless of the outcome of their first two). Honor prizes (a Sekigahara tradition) include sculptures and shrinkwrapped copies of GMT games. Another sculpture was awarded for the most enemy leaders killed, through three rounds. (That prize went to Scott Burns, who eliminated 11 enemy daimyo in 13 weeks of play -- an astonishing figure.)

Our four semifinalists were returning champion Daniel Hoffman, Scott Burns, Ewan McNay, and David Metzger. (Lyman Moquin also had a perfect record.) In the first match, Daniel Hoffman defeated David Metzger by doing what he does nearly every time he sits down to play the game: eliminating the enemy leader. (The war depicted in Sekigahara was a war about leaders, not causes, so loss of your protagonist ends the game.) Daniel has become extremely good at winning in this fashion, even in games where he suffers a materiel disadvantage.

In the other semifinal, Ewan McNay triumphed over Scott Burns by a single point. It was an impressive achievement, as Ewan had learned the game only the previous day at the info session.

In the Final, Daniel bid one for Tokugawa and Ewan agreed, taking Ishida. (Bids had been 0 and 1 for Tokugawa in the semifinals.) In the first week, Daniel won a big battle in the north over the Uesugi, playing every card in his hand to deliver 23 impact. Ewan struck back in the south by taking two castles. Daniel countered this by scoring a 21-impact victory with his Maeda troops out of Kanazawa. (In both his battles, Daniel had the perfect cards. Good players at Sekigahara often get 'lucky' with their cards when in fact they are manipulating the board to suit their hand, and grooming their hand to match the conflict they intend to provoke.)

The game drifted Daniel's way, with a 13-6 advantage in casualties. Then Ewan began a comeback, led by a fearless Ishida block taking a series of perilous positions, which roughly evened the game by the fifth week. Daniel bid high cards throughout the game to control initiative, generally preferring to play last each week. He did it again at the beginning of week 6, but this time chose to move first. He declared an attack on Okazaki castle, where he knew Ishida was hiding. Moving in a 4-block army he preemptively laid down cards totaling 16 impact, plus others to deflect any loyalty challenge. Forced to take three losses from a 3-block army, Ishida was defeated.

Daniel Hoffman has won ten straight games of tournament Sekigahara, sweeping both tournaments. Congratulation to Daniel and thanks to our able assistant GMs Greg Schmittgens and Lyman Moquin. See you next year.

The GM (and designer) supported the event with unique prizes beyond wood.

Ewan McNay met the defending champ in the Final but could not prevent Dan Hoffman's repeat.

 GM      Matt Calkins  [2nd Year]    NA
    NA     NA 

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